It's about to get hotter.

April 20, 2016


Sunshine, beaches, vampires turn into Snooki (aka us), longboarding, unlimited ice-cream cones, festivals and sunglasses. What do all of these amazing things have in common? Suummer. Yes, we are excited too. And what we are most excited about is we are getting closer and closer to releasing some new music and getting the chance to chill with more of you guys very soon! In-person! 


Update blogs like these can be boring, like, who would want to read a long story about someone else's life? Unless you follow the Kardashian's. But anyway... thanks for joining us though, you rock. We just wanna say, thanks. So, if you're down for another update- whats new in our lives? 


A.) Sarah's now an official Women's International Music Network ambassador, aka, the organization that puts on the She Rocks Awards during The NAMM Show. We performed a Chaka Kahn tribute for Chaka at the She Rocks Awards 2016, as well as shared the stage with a rockin' duo known as "Karmin". (Yeah, the wicked girl rapper from the viral "Look At Me Now" cover video.) Pretty rad hey? 


B.) Charlotte turns 21 in May, and Sarah turns 18 in June. So basically, Sarah can now see people like TIESTO in concert's in Alberta- but Charlotte can see them anywhere. #jealous 


C.) We did a spontaneous shoot the other day. You can see all the pics in our "photos" tab. If you wanna. 


D.) Yesterday, we finished vocals for the LAST song we recorded- "Lookin Up"! The song has vibes that fits into that unlimited ice-cream cone/Snooki tan mood, if you know what I mean. We can't wait for you to hear it. *puts on shades* 


We got more exciting news coming with future releases and other commanding stuff... (see what I did there.) ;) So we will keep you posted! 


Now go catch up on some sun for us wherever you are and send it to Canada! Thanks in advance,lol. Ttyl! 


- Sar 



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