Update: Keeping Up With The Commands

December 2, 2015

Well, this is going to be a super imformal update as to what has been going on in our lives- because theres a lot of it. Even though we've been on all of our social media I feel like it was hard to cover the personal details of our trip to NYC/Nashville. 


As an artist, a lot of the time we're seperated from our fans in multiple situations; on stage, after performances, through social media. We're often displayed but not interactive. It's hard to grow a personal connection with one another and and put your "heart on your sleeve' through selfies and music videos. (If yanno what I mean.)


Soo, with that being said this will be a place we can (fully) update y'all on everything in our life that happened and what you can expect from us in the future. We are making some pretty big changes. *oohh* *aahh* 





 U P D A T E # 1 






We performed our first show in Central Park a couple months ago. The event was with the "John Lennon Educational Tour Bus" and Yoko Ono, celebrating Lennon's 75th birthday. 



The super cool thing about the event was that while we were singing - a crowd of thousands were forming a giant human peace sign to symbolize John Lennon's desire for world peace and harmony. (Fun fact: once we were done singing we joined the peace sign and we are somewhere in the bottom lol.) 


(If you google "giant human peace sign New York City" you'll find more images. If you google "giant human peace sign new york command sisters" you'll find a pic of us!) 





U P D A T E  # 2





We decided to drive to Nashville after a week in New York once we realized it was only 14+ hours away! Since we had already drove to NYC, it wasn't a big deal. We rented a condo and had an amazing stay in Tennesee. 




Many people were wondering why we were there. "Aren't you doing pop music?" "Are you recording again?" "Why are you in Nashville; for shows?" "Why do you say y'all if you're from Canada?" ;) 




The answer was simple: yes our new album is pop. It's already recorded. We love Nashville, so we came to chill. (And we're from 'Berta- so we know all about that country life.) ;) 




The couple months wen't by SO fast and we made some amazing friends and memories that will last a long time. For once we got to watch music and become inspired, instead of being the artist on stage. We learned a lot about ourselves and our new direction as we prepare to release our new music. :) 










U P D A T E #3 





So a couple months ago we wrote a blog on the beginning of our collaboration "Earthquake" with the insanely talented DJ group, the "Disco Fries". (Name goals.) 





Well long stories short- since then the single has passed 1.6+ MILLION spotify streams, was featured on top spotify EDM playlists, and has been played on the "Today Show". We're super pumped everyones been digging it and it couldn't of been a better release before our new EP. :) 









U P D A T E # 4 - t h e f u t u r e 




Ugh. We couldn't be more excited for the content that's coming out in 2016. It's crazy. We've been listening to the new music and keeping it all a surprise has been insanely difficult. So, we decided to do something. We've set up a studio which means - we will be capturing tons of videos of us. Expect youtube covers, acoustic originals, songs from our new album, vlogging trip videos, and more. 





We will be presenting an UHmazing award in Los Angeles this January as well as performing with an artist you may know... we will DEF be vlogging this! 




2016 is going to be awesome and we really want to share it with you all on a personal level. Subscribe to our youtube "thecommandsisters" to keep in touch as we grow our channel. 





That's enough words for now. See y'all on youtube soon!! <3 xoxo 








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