You asked, we answered! Q&A pt. 1

August 27, 2015





      We love getting to know our fans, and also having them get to know us! So we went to instagram, facebook, and twitter- asking all of you to be the interviewers! Here is what happened... :) 






Char- Freaking China! We were only there for under a week, but we had many shows at multiple universities... AND Central Square!! We would show up at auditoriums to see gigantic banners and screens with our names on them, written in Mandarin! It was a crazy and unforgettable experience! 


Sarah- I have lots! Each performance we've had has been special to me in different ways. I find sometimes the most special ones are those that are out of our comfort zone. Whether its a new song we perform, playing with a new band, or performing for the first time in a new city! For example- our first show in New York City was at the Bowery Electric! 


We performed a full set of brand new songs, with a wicked band we had met in NYC. On top of that, Laura B from Guitar World's Acoustic Nation wrote an UHmazing review of our show. The crowds energy/enthusiasm was electrifying, and the atmosphere of the venue brought everyone to life. Defintely one of my favourites! 





Char- If Micheal Jackson were to be alive... thats an automatic yes. 


Sarah- 1975!!! (Three exclamation marks needed). I had come across their music a couple years ago, and still obsess over their self-titled album. Every track is incredibly musical and catchy. Their music is entirely unique and has had a  great inspirational impact on my songwriting. 







Fav chocolate: (Yelling from upstairs) "UUUMM.. I really like... what are those freaking things called? Snickers? No... Mars." 


Do you name your instruments: (Again... yelling from upstairs). "Ummmm... the first one I got, I named it Lilly. Idk why I did. Alliteration, I guess. I haven't named the others yet." 


Biggest fears: "SPIDERS. And cooking". (Obviously no other explanation needed for this one, Char.) 






Fav chocolate: KIT KATS make my heart smile. <3 If a boy wanted to win my heart... that's how. But until then, I'll just eat my nutella-covered kit kats on my own. *cries* Did I say I like nutella too? 


Do you name your instruments: Madison, Ryan, Madonna. All of my guitars. I named all of them when I was 12-13. :P 


Biggest fears- Heights, spiders, and talking on the phone. 





@840CFCW asks... well... you see it. It's obvious. @Burkeeboy's selfie game is STRONG and we could honestly take some pointers. #nofilterneeded 


We took a study... and 50% or our followers found Sean classically handsome, and the other 50% went with ruggedly good-looking! We think you rock either look, Sean! 









Char/Sarah- wherever the lions are... ;) 




     Thank you ALL for joining in on our first Q&A! Next time we'll be interviewing you! Stay tuned and dont forget to check out our latest single/collab, Earthquake! <3





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