The beginning of the Earthquake.

August 26, 2015




(Grab your coffee, sit down, relax, and turn on that 1989 album we all know you still can't stop singing.)




      This blog features an inside look to our story, and why Sandra Sperones from "The Edmonton Journal" quoted us as "a little bit country, a little bit EDM". 



We can't wait for y'all to get to know us a little bit more. 











                                                             How It All Began 



      "It's melodic, earth shattering and powerful enough to keep the festival masses jumping up and down in excitement. It's 'EARTHQUAKE'." 



      As quoted by one of the top and greatly respected EDM blogs, predicts Earthquake to be a "insta-classical progressive hit". Since last weeks release on Aug 17th, Earthquake has reached 49 on Beatports top progressive hits, as well had air-time on Tiësto’s Club Life and Nicky Romero’sProtocol Radio. 






                                                       How It REALLY Began



      .. and so, it all began. (Well, not as quick as an earthquake). This world is all new to us. Growing up in Alberta, Canada, we both grew up playing local shows in our home town. My sister learned to play the guitar, and I gravitated towards the bluegrass/country instrument- the "mandolin". 








      As kids, we played simply out of joy. We were always constantly singing at home belting Disney classics, so moving to the stage wasn't too far off. :') I remember singing at seniors teas, my grandmas old folks home, and Christmas concerts. (Even though we cringe at our old videos), the crowds (almost) always embraced us and often rewarded us with stuffed animals and cookies. (Not. Even. Lying.) :P 






      As young artists, we never took our music too seriously. Even though we'd find ourselves running to 3-5 shows on the weekends during the holliday season, we were having so much fun that we never even pictured our passion turning into a career. As we continued to play shows across Alberta, smaller shows turned a little bit bigger every year as the word got out about our acoustic show. 






                                                             Who Are WE? 



    In the beginning, we actually never discussed about what genre we would be known for. When Charlotte started learning guitar, she used her love for poetry to join the two together and begin songwriting. Her natural writing style had begun, and still continues to be, very folk/pop enfluenced. Growing up in Alberta, which is dominated by country music culture, we were ofton hired for country fairs/rodeos which pushed us towards that direction.



       When I picked up the mandolin, I simply learned it only because I was too small (at the time) to hold a full sized guitar. :P We laugh now, because most individuals hiring us must've thought we were a country band based on that aspect of our show. 



      In 2011, we took a trip down to Nashville that made us realize that our music was not just a hobby- but a potential career. We were signed to our first publishing/production deal, which resulted in our second country/pop album. 



       Even though we found ourselves at country festivals, living in Nashville, and writing country songs- the music that filled up our entire iPhones storage consisted of pop, dubstep, and orchestral soundtracks. It was hilarious! Eventually, I started to gravitate towards the unique musicallity of rap/r&b music, which was an even greater contrast to the country music we were singing on stage. 



       Don't get us wrong, we LOVE country music. It's rooted deep within us and still has an impact on our harmonies/songwriting. But with that being said, we always felt a little bit out of place. We struggled greatly with ourselves as we began to try to fit within a commercial country radio-ready box that felt really out of place for us. 



       Frusterated with closed doors and missed opportunities- we felt as if our carreer was ending just before it would've began.







                                                                 Closed Doors :( 



      Sometime this time two years ago, my sister entered a Alberta songwriting contest. The winner would be rewarded $10,000 for writing the best song about their hometown and how Alberta has made a special impact in their life. Excited and passionate about the topic, Charlotte wen't on to write "Alberta Song". Long stories short, she didn't place first, second, OR third. :P (We still tease her about this). 





                                                                    Opened Doors :) 



       Shortly after, we had submitted the same track for the "John Lennon Songwriting Contest", based out of New York City. Charlotte ended up winning the catagory she submitted for, with a song about ALBERTA! (Crazy, hey?) 



      The prize was to play at the world famous NAAM Guitar Conference, which is where we met our current manager. Through our new manager, we recorded/wrote an entire pop album as well as "Earthquake". By the time Charlotte wrote "Earthquake", shortly after it had been produced by the Disco Fries, and signed to Armada/Zouk. 







                                                         What We Learned




      At the end of the day, what we all have learned from our experiences, is that no matter how easy it may seem to simply give up when you are faced with trials and tribulations- those who persevere even when all hope seems lost are often revived with new opportunities. (Some completely unexpected, and entirely different). 


      We are so greatful for all of those who have supported us along the way, and for those who are passionate about our new album and what is to come. We cannot wait to give you the new music. We live and breathe songwriting, and every ounce of our motivation comes from those who have encouraged us in the tough times of our lives. Thank you. 



Much love, 

s <3 




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